Hello May! Can I help you?

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the month of May! 

I’m so excited but also overwhelmed at how fast the year is running by, can you believe it? It’s May already!

How are your resolutions coming along ? Have you been able to stick to them? Have they made you uncomfortable? Have they inconvenienced you? Did it affect your social, psychological, economical or physical status? Did you even make resolutions?

As for me, I decided not to give myself any rules or set any limitations to my abilities and capabilities, as usual. I mean, what’s the use?  It’s not like I don’t have self control or self confidence in whatever I do. I’m of the opinion that “life is what you make it”, I’ll make resolutions and then when I fall into or find myself in a situation where I have to default or bend one of my resolutions, will I blame the situation or the people around me for the inconvenience? 

If I want something different, I work towards it. It’s that simple! My opinion.

How about you? What are your resolutions and how are your they working out for you?

Tell me!

Much lurvv,



Food Romance 1.0

FOODS I HATE! 😩😩😩😩😡😡😡😠😠

See ehn, noodles is a food I cannot and have refused to comprehend! I don’t get it. And the food gets me so angryyyyy 😡 Like, what is it sef!? I see people order it, lick their forks and plates after a serving of noodles and I’m like bruhhhhh, come on🙄 it’s not that serious, calm yourself! Come off it!
In my house, everyone eats it except, I and, I think, my dad. Once we are shopping, I INTENTIONALLY leave it out of the list but guess what, my mum buys it 😩. I end up hiding it because I usually cook for the house and when I ask what everyone wants to eat, there’s a possibility, I’ll get a unanimous ”noodles” kai. I have lied countless times that we don’t have noodles; that kind…”we are out of noodles 🙂” just so I can cook something else. You know, when someone finds it ehn, I get all the accusations, insults sef. My mum will give me that look that is supposed to make me quiver but….I just wanna relasss and be taken kiaruff, I don’t fear man 🤣

But I cook it o and I think I do pretty well for a human who doesn’t eat it. This is a sample.
I use carrots, green jalapeños, green peppers, runner beans, bullion cubes, onions, garlic, ginger, Cameroun pepper and very little water and oil. Tomatoes and red jalapeños are optional. I also soak the noodles for 3 minutes so it doesn’t over cook, once it does….. Hewwwww! Issa wasteman 😩
Please, if you know you are alright, don’t say ”come and cook noodles for me” I vex quickly and I’m sensitive biko

However I love food! 💚🖤💛

Do you have a food that you love or hate? Or do we share same feelings concerning noodles? I really want to know!

Don’t forget to drop your comments and thoughts and please, subscribe to this blog so that we can grow 🙏

Thank you and God bless you.

Much lurvv,

Vheedah! 💛


We are looking into the future here.

We know it will be good.

We are happy!

Happy New Month, dearest readers!

Make a wish



In My Skin part 2

Hello lurrvvs,

This is me dragging myself up from my laying down pose since yesterday to put up a post that was due last week.


Damn! I have been the laziest person on the surface of the earth! Is it just me?

Before I go on, can someone tell me if they have been thinking how long this lock down will last? In my opinion, I am looking at it to last towards the last quarter of the year 2020 and no! this is being realistic, not pessimistic.


Blogging from Nigeria, a nation that has constantly contradicted itself at every turn, we were doing well containing it, at first. We have, because of religion and social deficiencies, efficiently disbelieved and disregarded the existence of the corona virus in our nation, not minding global and national news and the warnings that follow every programme on cable and radio. Even your text messages, are superlatively modulated to suit the announcements of the virus. To be candid, I am tired!

naija gif

Now, how do I spend my day, you may ask. My answer: in my bedroom or my soap room! I don’t just stop there; I block out external audio transmitted speeches with my very functional earpiece. Doing what? Exploring, I tell you. It’s been fun exploring and discovering lots of new things and newer culture from the bedroom and adjusting to it, even innovating new styles and techs to suit the situation. Staying home is fun when you can use it to your advantage!

I have attended skin care classes, soap making classes in the three weeks that we have been observing the regional shutdown. I have also caught some live Instagram classes on how to push your business or service offers during a time of pandemic where there is low cash flow and a high demand for security and safety, not your goods or services.

There are so many people exploring social media, like TikTok videos and skits. Instagram and Facebook live videos, Zoom and WhatsApp webinars and the rest of them. This way they have been able to impact knowledge and communicate better with their customers and friends. Friends are patronizing friends more by sharing and reposting their social media feeds, blog posts and YouTube video links.


What have you got involved in to draw you closer to people and open wider communication bridges for yourselves? Don’t sit down and expect magic to happen and suddenly you have friends and well-wishers o, you gotta go-a-fishing, hon!

I’m busy talking. Ask me how far I have taken my own advice! Shior!

I still pat myself on the back and say that I have achieved a little knowledge for myself in the skin care industry. I am still learning and I have a long way to go too! However, pick up yourself and find reasons to stay positive in this season. Some people will be billionaires after this pandemic, work super hard to be part of them!


Most important tip of the day: give yourself a break and wash your hands and sanitize!

I feel like Zen and Pablo in one!

Thank you for listening.

Much lurvv,



In My Skin

Skin talk

What is skin?

If I start to describe what the skin is now, won’t you look at me funny? Like this one doesn’t have content to write on or is she seriously taking time out to teach us integrated science? And then you’ll scroll past…scrrrr… or even close your tab like blup!


My point is, we all know that the skin is the largest organ of the body and protects us from microbes and environmental pollution. It regulates the body temperature (remember corona virus) and helps feel the physical? However, you know that, right?

With the coming of the corona virus every human has leaned into one activity or another. It may be more than one activity.

One of which is skin care! There are ads flying here and there asking or advising to get into a skin care routine so that at the depletion of the virus you go back to your daily routine but with an add on of glowing skin and a wonder blast skin care routine imbedded in your blood!


Anyway, here, I will be telling you about a particular brand ‘’MAISON DE VHEEDAH’’, Vheedah Skin for short. A product based business for great skin using natural, non-toxic and holistic ingredients and its mine! Haha! I feel like I should warn you that there would be a lot of me in here and I’m considered blunt? I think I’m nice enough though. You’ll be seeing more of my products here; raw and unedited!


I look forward to my first post! I’m excited about me…yaaaayyy!


DISCLAIMER: I’ll be giving you skin care information which have been attested to from personal uses and close encounters. I am not a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or nutritionist, neither am I in the medical field. My advice or products do not cure pre-existing mental or physical ailments or pain. They may help alleviate skin conditions though. Every ingredient in my products are NAFDAC approved and have passed the test for healthy topical consumption.

Photos1, 2, 3 and 5 are internet sourced.

Aqua vibes

📷: Pinterest

When you wake up….please drink water.

For 2 months now, I’ve been doing a water therapy. Well, it’s not like I woke up one morning and decided to go on this therapy, I mean, it was a decison borne out of sickness and I dare say that I’ve had lots of benefits from it, skin wise. My skin has never looked more flawless, my skin care routine is easier, by this I mean, my skin feels comfortable to lay products on. I see the efficiency of my products because my skin is damn healthy!
This is not a hype, it’s the nude truth!

N. B. I don’t drink cold water, at all. I drink, warm water always or water at room temperature. This is because, first off, I don’t like cold water, it’s not my taste and secondly, it doesn’t give enough room for more water. Remember, the idea is to drink more water.

My water regimen:
150cl bottle( I use the Swan bottle for accurate measurements)
I fill up 4 bottles on Sunday night and keep in the places I spend most of my time; in my room/workshop/study.

3 litres of water per day.

I make sure to drink some when I wake up then I go for a walk. I always have 75cl or a flask on me because, I get thirsty afterwards.

As a beginner, I used my diary application on my phone to remind myself to drink water every 30 minutes, then, as I got in the habit of it, I increased my timer to 1 hour and now it’s on a 2- hour mark. As a matter of fact, I don’t need the timer anymore because, my hand automatically go for a bottle after some type of activity. And trust me, you can not be bored or idle if you’re constantly drinking water, your bathroom breaks will keep you busy. And minding your business comes with the territory.

There really, isn’t a right way to drink water; there are guidelines, however, there are no definite rules.

So for that flawless skin to manifest, you need to be flawless on the inside.

Benefits of drinking water
– Better brain work
– Constant detoxing
– Increased concentration level
– Better looking skin
– Lightness on the inside.
– Better digestion
– Working pulmonary/ respiratory system
– Increased happiness(optional)
– Chemistry 101

– Constantly hydrated

– Better and easier makeup routine

– Increased bathroom breaks

You see how beautifully I talked about water? Now, let me tell you a secret; I’m hydrophobic! Lol! I hate swimming, the beach, sea, pool; scary stuff! I don’t like when water touches me outside of the bathroom. Rain pisses me off the most. Life must go on despite my likes or dislikes, right?

OK moving on…

Had any water therapy side effects? Please share in the comment section. Don’t forget to share and subscribe to my blog.

Knowledge is power.

Wish you a bright and happy day,

Love and light ✨💖

À bientôt,


Long term or short term

For the most part, we seem to think we draw long term goals and plans. Looking at the charts, the forecasts, thinking the aspirations, we are mostly short term shooters and in the moment thinkers, no dares, no hope, no promises, just short term mindset.

This has preeminently taken the space of dreams and we can’t look at the bigger, grand picture. Yes, after all those masterclasses online and offline, we can’t seem to leave the stuffy box, our webbed up cocoon and twisted world.

Don’t bother about what the paper said, you truly become what you think. Psychological limitations. We are always short term-ing ourselves.

Open up your heart and think big! Dare it!

It was a musey day. This means I got a lot of brain work done, I read, thought out a few things, answered a few questions and what not! I ate too. I had a wonderful day.

How has been your day, loves? 😂😂😂😂 I just wanted to say that.

Hope you had a lovely day!


Love and light always, ✨💖


Saturdays are for……

Outside in the world
Fluffy on my tongue
Velvety in my gorge
Bananas are in season
This photo has a reason
After days of being sick, indoors, well, I got sick of it! I went out to explore Abuja again, all its streets, shops, kiosks, boutiques (par les vitrines, lol), fruits kiosks, hot sun, cool rain, everything, you just mention. How did I do this, you think? Along brethren, Along.

We have a transport system in Nigeria, whereby des voitures privées take passengers from one part of the town to another; just like the bus service, however, way faster. Excuse me, I’m living on a budget! Judge me. 💁

So after browsing the map and asking a few friends, I almost went to cake hut at central area for the upteenth time, however, Cher, my friend and co-blogger of http://www.cherindulgence.com (check her out, her mind is amazing) suggested a few places; Café Chocolat at Wuse, Cube Café at Maitama and some other place! I have a bias for Wuse, so I went to Café Chocolat on Cairo street, off Ademola Adetokunbo crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja (i’ll put a link).

I arrived at about 2:30pm and it was empty except for the aromas wafting through; the coffee, the cake, the cacao! Divinely drawing me in and wrapping their warm embrace around me.The waitress was very welcoming, true and very attentive.I ordered, immediately, a slice of red velvet and their banana boost milkshake!

The cake was so indulgent and delectable, the cream felt cheesy but a soft and sweet type, although, I’m not a fan of cream cheese anything, this one, I licked! 👅 Oh, did i tell you that the strawberry on my cake had the stem on it? Lol🙊😔, it was funny…but made it feel one kind of way, not dirty, not clean or aesthetic….

The banana boost milkshake, on the other hand, wasn’t my favourite. At first, I loved it but as I got to the end, it just irked me out! I’m also thinking, it’s the creamy cream from the red velvet cake that got me feeling like that. No matter, it was wonderful.

Now the ambiance, is beautiful. Chilly on the left, warm and cozy on the right, very thoughtful of the management. I thought i was going to write an essay just to practice, but I got caught up in the ”contes et legends des Antilles”, a book, so that went out the window.

There is a challenge, there is a door that is always being passed through, it should have a damn automatic retractor, that banging is pissing me off, vraiment!

I’m still here…ordered a hot cocoa to go with the left side. C’est tellement chocolatey!

I’m thinking of going to Booze to end the day! I mean, it’s been a good one.

I’ll let you know, tomorrow.

Till the day breaks, lovers

À demain,

Love and light 💖✨always,



What’s for breakfast?

In my mind’s eye, I’m having cucumber smoothie and some dry toast.

What is it about cucumber in the morning?

It’s refreshing. It revitalizes, it gives you a quick pick me up in the dawn of day. Not only does it make you look younger, it gives you a youthful feeling, you’re stronger and more energetic, which is superb for a day’s job!


1 medium cucumber (peeled and deseeded)

2 tablespoons of milk or yoghurt

1 teaspoon of cinammon

1/2 cup water(cucumber is almost 90% water)

Disclaimer: if you are lactose intolerant, there are lactose free milk types(almond milk, coconut milk etc), just choose whatever floats your boat. And please play with this recipe, the basic ingredient is the cucumber, so why not! I also heard about cucumbers and avocado, well, i’ve only tried that mix in Margaret 28 soap bar and it’s the most wonderful creation on my production list! Everyone loves the soap! So why not try a smoothie made from avocado and cucumbers!

Try other recipes and share with me, if you don’t mind.

Go ahead and have a filling breakfast!

Once your tummy is happy your day is brighter!

Sending you love and light,



Blessing or Kurrsss!

In this world of business (M/SME, entrepreneurship) the world is just playing tricks on me!

First off, it’s so bloody difficult to keep a business rolling in Nigeria. I just feel like everyone wants to mess up your priorities, your space or your life! Sometimes, you make decisions and are so happy about them and they bite you in your fesses almost right after!

Being the sole owner of a business is being superhuman. You need to be bothered as well as unbothered because you will mess up and people will laugh in your face and be like ”oh yeah, see how her oversabi has paid off….she yati yati yata…talk tolk tulk” by that, brethren, you must be unbothered. Even when you put up picture, you will still see them..”oh fire mama, hot baby, hot plate, hot pot, looking good, kiss emoji, heart emoji, thunder emoji, fire emoji, lightning emoji, dance emoji….bla bla bla”.

Moving on…..

My business is not where I want it to be. And honestly all these masterclasses on how to track customers and keep them and shoot them down and keep them hostage…what more can you tell me? Ehn?

I’m spiraling in and out of ideas everyday, the orange stairs are a representation of my mind thinking of Vheedah. Sometimes choking on the ideas too…Will this work, will that work, how to do this, how to do that. I’m learning, unlearning and relearning…it’s amazing how this world works. In the midst of confusion, there is always some form of moral or lesson to be taken away! I look forward to a door of solutions up the stairs!

I had a website before http://www.vheedah.com and yes she was very active however, she died, rather, I let her die, but I’m working hard to bring her back to life and she is in the works, yes! It’s really difficult because I don’t have a laptop as mine got stolen and because I don’t keep a 9-5 and let’s just say I can’t afford one right now, things are really slow coming, however they are coming. Please I invite you my readers to follow me on this journey of growth! Your inputs, encouragements, criticisms(yah!) will do me good here.

I want to come here everyday and give you updates on how things are going and how mad I am at the economy and entrepreneurship world, you know, just for banter. And to create content, i would love content ideas! By the way, I do hope you are keeping abreast of all the tax elevations on all transactions. Tax is now 7.2% in naija.

Nigeria, we hail thee.

Dare I say, I will start taking more pictures? Yes, no. We never know, anyway!

Did you have a fruitful day?

No matter, loves, tomorrow looks better!

Much lurrvv,


New Juice

Hi lovers!

It’s been a minute! Hope you’re all doing well? I’ve been here and there. Life has been wonderful and I have to say that I have been learning new and amazing things along the way!

I’ll start off by doing a little reintroduction. My name is Winnifred and I am, by entrepreneurship, a soap maker, I also make other body and bath products!

I want to approach my WordPress with a difference. So, here, I’ll be talking about general things and also my soap making, raw and unedited. I’ll be giving the finished products having shared my faults and flaws! I hope that makes pleasurable content for you, to be honest!

In a nutshell, I’ll be baring it all!

While I work on more content, let’s take a minute to appreciate good skin, shall we?

I had a delicious weekend with my friends and we took some pictures! And yes, I use my own handmade products! You should think about patronizing me, yes.

@zuma rock in Niger state. Nigeria.

Follow me on Facebook @ Winnifred Maduekwe, on Twitter @VheedahMakeover, on Instagram @vheedah on Pinterest @ Maison de Vheedah for daily juice and squeeze.

I love you, always!

Much lurvv,


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