Hello May! Can I help you?

Happy New Month!


New Juice

Hi lovers! It's been a minute! Hope you're all doing well? I've been here and there. Life has been wonderful and I have to say that I have been learning new and amazing things along the way! I'll start off by doing a little reintroduction. My name is Winnifred and I am, by entrepreneurship, a … Continue reading New Juice

Joyous June!

It's only the 2nd of June, but my oh my, how time flies! Yesterday we were saying happy new year, happy 2019 and now we are screaming happy new month, happy sixth month! Wow! 6/12 x 2019? Is this even right? Do I care? Not really. I do hope, however, that you get my point. … Continue reading Joyous June!

Slave Driver or Screw Driver?!

In the last six hours, I've realized the essence of liberty, the price of decision making and the enormity of egality! I am sorry but at this stage in my life, there are certain things I CAN NOT do. Today, I felt as if someone literally took their fingers and gradually but, happily wrapped them … Continue reading Slave Driver or Screw Driver?!

Love From A Man Is Never Worth Losing Your Own Damn Voice — In a Love World

Love From A Man Is Never Worth Losing Your Own Damn Voice Listen up, Little Mermaid. Shannon Ashley April 1 Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash via Love From A Man Is Never Worth Losing Your Own Damn Voice — In a Love World

Mothers’ Day!

The clatter of pots and pans Sweating under the swirling fan Singing to the chimney sounds Feet tapping on naked tiles A love so alive A love so pure This love doesn't hurt It definitely has no size Hearts as big as the ocean Pouring out grande emotions Virtuos and atemporal A love so eternal … Continue reading Mothers’ Day!

Tree spirit

📷: Pinterest I woke up lighter I smiled brighter My heart is fluttering My cerveau is tingling My feet is tapping My hips are swinging There's so much to be happy for The earth is still round and then some Even above the crazies The sun still rises What is your plight? Where's your tree … Continue reading Tree spirit

Friday the 15th!

My dear customers! I wrote the hardest exams I have ever come across today and yes, it was French. I read so hard....guys I read but lo and behold, I was shocked! My head is messed up, my heart is shattered, as usual, virgo life! I'm moving on anyway! I should have more fun! Right … Continue reading Friday the 15th!

What I like

I like being taken seriously I like intimate and intellectual conversations I like feeling special I like being in my zone I like tall, handsome, sexy interruptions I like being given a chance I like lipsticks I like pretty sandals and bags to go I like men I like chips and mayo I like being … Continue reading What I like


Location: L'île de Gorée, Dakar. 📷: Winnie Can we be honest? By ''we'' I mean ''I''. I'm scared, just scared. Is this because I've run so far, I can't run anymore? Or Is it because I'm human? I think the former! How hard can it be to speak up, to just say it how you … Continue reading Trip!

Cake Huts, No Buts

Hi guys! This is an honest opinion on my visit to a new place in Abuja. It's called The Cake Hut and is located inside Riverplate Park, Central Area/ Wuse 2 axis. The safest landmark is The Central Mosque or Kebbi Hotel. So Cake Hut is this little, discreet, au coin house in Riverplate Park. … Continue reading Cake Huts, No Buts