Hello May! Can I help you?

Happy New Month!


Tree spirit

📷: Pinterest I woke up lighter I smiled brighter My heart is fluttering My cerveau is tingling My feet is tapping My hips are swinging There's so much to be happy for The earth is still round and then some Even above the crazies The sun still rises What is your plight? Where's your tree … Continue reading Tree spirit

Wild Thoughts

Location: îles de Gorée, Dakar Sénégal. So I woke up today with a heavy chest, I mean it, I had to do a steam inhalation and I went out for a walk afterwards. As I got home, I cut up some tomatoes, onions(i didn't cry), garlic, peppers, and minced some as well, I was in … Continue reading Wild Thoughts

Velvet King: Black Velvet Tamarind

English - Tamarind Hausa - Tsamiyar Ibo - Icheku Yoruba - Awin In my tender years - licky licky All these names for this power packed fruit! I remember how I used to lick this fruit till I slept off when i was much younger. I would make different faces at the sour or tarty … Continue reading Velvet King: Black Velvet Tamarind

Learn your Scrubbies; SALTS

LEARN YOUR SCRUBBIES PART 1 SALT... Pythagoras had to go poetic ! These beautiful minerals are not only good in our meals but are amazeballs for the skin as well ! The interesting part ! 💃 There are different types of salts; we have Iodized salt, Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, Pink Himalayan … Continue reading Learn your Scrubbies; SALTS


Hello everyone ! The idea of being successful is very interesting. As a matter of fact, it is so appealing that each of us have seen our rich selves in our minds'eyes, i know i have. Pause ! Are you ready to put in the long hours, the hardwork, the sleepless nights ? Are you … Continue reading Life